Are you interested in buying a property in Sonora?

If you are a foreigner and you are interested in acquiring Real Estate property in Sonora, Mexico, the Public Registry and Cadastre Institute for the State of Sonora (ICRESON) can provide you with general information services in regards to the real estate property you are interested in. The institute also provides legal certainty in regards to third parties by publishing the activities previously registered in the property.

State of Sonora

The state of Sonora is the second largest state in the country, surrounded by sea, desert and mountains offers something for all tastes, it is the ideal destination for those investors who wish to acquire real estate that is ready for housing developments, condominiums and / or timeshare projects, as well as rustic, industrial or urban real estate thanks to the legal facilities and property rights offered by Mexican legislation.

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Bienes inmuebles e inversiones en Sonora

ICRESON at your service

At ICRESON we provide you with the information services and tools for your real estate transactions so you can find a property that suits your interest in order for your transaction to be succesfull, independently of whether you count with the advice of a real estate property professional or not, and with the services of a Public Notary to perform the transactions.

It is our obligation to mention that the information we provide is general and it is important to mention that each real estate transaction is independent and different, that is why we strongly recommend to always be guided by real estate professionals and also always do your own due diligence of the property.

Real Estate

In Mexico, as in the United States, the transfer of real estate property rights is regulated by Federal and State Laws and Municipal Regulations.


How to Acquire Real Estate

If you are interested in investing in our State, you should take into account some legal considerations and location of the property of your interest, in this site you can find the information you need to know.


Legal framework

Mexico has modified its laws to promote and attract foreign investment, allowing interested parties to acquire real estate. We invite you to learn more about Real Estate Law in our country.


Restricted areas

Learn about the information of restricted areas and exceptions offered by Mexican laws so that foreigners can acquire real estate in the State of Sonora.

Colegio de Notarios del Estado de Sonora
Colegio de Valuadores Profesionales del Estado de Sonora
Arizona Department of Real Estate


This information is for reference only and at any time the information may be modified. For any legal transaction we recommend that you consult professional services as each transaction is unique.

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